In Season 1 of Scary Summer we will be having the NNA team from the NinjaStudio coming over to Jiarongs set to be watching a couple of horror movies.In Season 1 we will be watching a lot of horror movies that was liscenced in China,there is movies like scary couples,the murderer of the valley that the NNA team will be watching.Season 1 of Scary Summer is brought to you by Squarespace,and also NinjaStudio,Jiarong Lin,Kevin Li,Imovie.Scary Summer was born from Jiarong's Lin stupid idea of creating a show where a bunch of idiots decided to watch some horror movies together at Jiarong's Lin House that Kevin Li decided to fund the project later on and became the Co-Creator of the show and also the producer of the show later in the season.Season 1 of Scary Summer only orginaly had 7 episodes on YouTube,but then during the spring of 2017,the episodes were taken down by the producer of the show Kevin Li,and decided to reboot season 1 into 1 single pilot episode,that will promote the Season 2 of Scary Summer the show.

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